Vitalitea – Herbal Tea | 6 Reasons to choose it as your Daily Drink

Vitalitea – Herbal Tea | 6 Reasons to choose it as your Daily Drink

6 Reasons to Choose Vitalitea – Herbal tea as your daily Drink

Over the last few days, I have been trying out various herbal teas and other healthy drinks. I wanted to check each one of them before finalizing one. At first, the vast number of choices out there overwhelmed me. There are so many options available in health drinks, that it becomes so confusing. People are understanding the benefits of health drinks and becoming very health-conscious nowadays. The primary reason I shifted to having Vitalitea – Herbal Tea was to improve my stamina and energy. Along with that, there were many other reasons to use them.

After much trial and error, one specific health drink caught my attention. The name of the product is Vitalitea, and it is a kind of decoction powder. Are you wondering what is a decoction? A decoction is a method of extracting the medicinal benefits of a herb or a plant part. The usual method of preparation is by boiling it in water for a specified time or until the water reduces to half. The difference between a decoction and tea is very simple. A tea bag has some leaves which you dip in hot water for a few secs before having it. This method will not extract all the medicinal contents from the herbs used. Decoction powder contains stem, wood, root, and many hard parts as compared to a tea-bag. The correct procedure of preparing it is to boil them in water, strain it, and drink it.

Usually, you must boil it until the quantity of water reduces to half. The boiling extracts all the nutrients and hence this will have more medicinal value. I used it for a few days and understood the amazing benefits it does to my body. So, I tried it for a long time after comparing it with the other health drinks available. The reasons for my decision are as below:

1) Vitalitea has many health benefits:

This was the first and most important factor for me to choose Vitalitea. The health benefits it offers is incredible and very diverse. Unlike other health drinks, it contains ingredients that can help heal most of our body parts. It takes care of our stomach, intestines, muscles, brain, skin, and many such parts. It is useful in treating ulcers, gastritis, stomach pain, and nausea. It is helpful in curing urinary infections, skin infections, and other similar infections. You can trust Vitalitea to improve memory and take care of diseases related to that. Most health drinks I know are beneficial only for one ailment. Or it helps in improving the health of one body part. But Vitalitea has ingredients that act on almost all the parts of the body.

2) It is a blend of unique and amazing herbs and spices:

Vitalitea is a mix of 8 different kinds of herbs and spices. It contains Ashwagandha, Anantamool, Gokshura, Licorice, Vidanga, Ginger, Pepper, and Cumin. Each of these herbs holds great medicinal value as an individual item. So imagine the benefits it can offer when blended. The herbs mixed in correct proportions can do wonders for the body. Only a few of the ingredients are available at our backyard. Others, like Ashwagandha, Anantamool, and Gokshura, are difficult to find at all places. You can find them only in specific parts of the world. So, having Vitalitea will give us the benefit of using rare medicinal herbs too. Our ancestors used these herbs for their medicinal value for ages. Ayurveda has many texts that explain the benefits of these herbs to the human body. Now, through Vitalitea, you can enjoy the medicinal benefits of these herbs.

3) The preparation technique is easy and quick:

Vitalitea is easy to prepare and drink. Add one teaspoon of the Kashaya or decoction powder to a bowl of water and boil it for a few minutes. The water should boil until the quantity reduces to half. You can add a slight amount of jaggery or honey for taste. Once it boils, let it cool a little and drink it warm if possible. For best results, better to drink it two times a day. One in the morning and another time in the evening. Drinking it in the early morning in an empty stomach is also better. Since it is a kind of decoction or Kashaya powder, it requires boiling. But as it comes in powder format, it is easier to extract all the medicinal contents in it. This is better than boiling whole dried herbs or spices as it takes a lot of time to extract the compounds in them.

4) It can be a great alternative to the usual coffee or tea:

As you know, coffee or tea is an amazing stimulant. Having coffee once or twice a day does not do any harm to our body. But if the count of coffee cups goes over two, it can cause many issues. Caffeine in any form is harmful to the body. It sure keeps the person alert and calm, but too much is always bad. For people fond of drinking coffee many times a day, it’s better to alternate it with Vitalitea 2 times a day. I was a person who was very much addicted to coffee. So, I needed some other drink to replace it every time I felt like having coffee. Vitalitea was the best solution. As you can sweeten it by adding honey or jaggery, it can give the same feel as drinking coffee in the beginning. I did the same for a month and now I got into the habit of skipping coffee and drinking Vitalitea instead.

5) The side effects are zero or very minimal:

Vitalitea is a herbal product. It is a powder prepared by combining the dried herbs of 8 different ingredients. As most of you know, most herbal products have zero or a minor side effect. This is the same with Vitalitea too. When used as prescribed, it does not cause any allergic reactions to your body. It does not have any side effects too. Many people often ignore this significant advantage of using herbal products. Nowadays, any edible item out there can cause one or the other side effects. This includes modern medicine, processed food, and food with preservatives. All these causes either some allergic reaction or health issues to our body. But herbal drinks such as Vitalitea does not cause any such issues. I recommend consulting a doctor if you are pregnant and want to use Vitalitea. Also, if you are on any medications, check with your doctor before using Vitalitea.

6) Vitalitea is a health drink used for rejuvenation and well-being:

The ingredients used in Vitalitea do amazing benefits to the body.  Each herb and spice has many medicinal properties. They help improve memory, fight stress and anxiety, and boost the nervous system. Few of the herbs are rich in antioxidants and have a strong diuretic property. They act as great detoxifying agents. The anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial properties help resolve many gastrointestinal issues. In short, Vitalitea is a combination of essential elements necessary to a person. It helps in improving the quality of life and well-being of a person. It rejuvenates you and keeps you energetic and relaxed for the entire day. Regular usage of Vitalitea brings on many visible changes in you and keeps you fit, strong, and happy.
As you can see from the list, I had many reasons to use Vitalitea. But I could not write for all my reasons.  Though there are so many health drinks available, this is one product that gave me results. As with any other health drink, you need to be punctual in drinking it to make the most use of it. Else you cannot observe major changes. It does not give an instant reaction, rather, using it daily will improve your health at a slow pace. Patience and determination are the keys to using this herbal product. So, start using Vitalitea now and let me know how you feel.

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Herbal Products – Why are they becoming so popular?

Herbal Products – Why are they becoming so popular?

Have you ever checked the ingredients used in the processed food we consume daily? I am sure most of us do not check it. We are living in a world where people don’t even have time to sit and eat, checking the food is out of the question. So, let me tell you some facts. Did you know that around 9000 environmental chemicals end up in our food in distinct forms? They enter our bodies in the form of artificial colours, flavours, and preservatives. That’s an alarming number if we include the various other types of pollution around us. We are becoming more prone to health issues, stress, a decrease in immunity, and memory loss. In a rush to become more tech-savvy and superpower, we are ignoring the basic things. Unclean environment and lifestyle changes are the reason for many modern age problems. It’s becoming more difficult to find clean air, water, and food these days.

While thinking about these problems, I started observing the elders in my family. To my surprise, I found that most of them lived happy and healthy for a long time. They didn’t have any major ailments until the age of 80 or more. If you observe, you can see that they had limited exposure to modern medicine and other chemicals. The amount of processed food they consumed was very less. Many kinds of studies have now explained the side effects of using too many chemicals in the food. Synthetic medicine, processed food, artificial colours, flavours, fertilizers, all act like slow poison. They do not show immediate effect but can cause serious damage over a period. They cause issues like heart diseases, respiratory problems, memory loss and so on.

What if there was a way to live healthy like our elders? How can we cleanse our systems and become fit and strong again? All these questions led people to use natural products close to nature. Amongst the natural products, herbs and spices stood out the most. The reason was for its availability and ease of use. They were accessible to all, and many parts of the world used them for ages. Using herbal medicine and herbal products was a way of being close to nature. They teach us to connect with nature and enjoy its beauty. Hence herbal products are becoming more popular now. They had lost their value because of the popularity of synthetic medicine. Modern pharmaceutical companies had tried to misguide people about using herbal products. They had spread many myths surrounding the usage of these products. But now people have believed in their benefits. They have understood the amazing medicinal value of these herbal products. We can see that now even synthetic medicine manufacturers use herbs in their product. Cosmetics and many other products use herbs as their prime ingredient. All these companies use herbs as their key selling point. There are many reasons for the popularity of herbal products. I have listed a few of them below:


1) Herbal products have a very long history:

According to WHO, around 80% of the population worldwide use herbal medicine in some form. Around 21000 plant species have the potential to cure various diseases. People have been using herbal products since prehistoric times. Manuscripts from India, Egypt, and China describe the use of herbs. There is enough evidence that shows ancient medicines used in herbs 4000 years ago. Some cultures like Rome, Egypt, Africa, and Iran used herbs for healing rituals. But traditional medicinal systems like Unani, Ayurveda, and Chinese used systematic herbal therapies. Herbal medicine and herbal products were a common solution for simple health issues. India is famous worldwide for herbal medicine as it comprises a rich repository of the same. The forests in India have an abundant amount of different medicinal herbs and spices. Our ancient Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha, and tribal medicine were all made up of herbs and spices.


2) Ancient scholars have tried and tested herbal products many times:

Herbal medicine has been in use for a long time. There are many documents that show the usage of herbs as medicine for ages. Ancient scholars had identified a specific herb for an ailment. They knew the exact amount of herbs to use in medicine. It would not have been overnight. They would have experimented many times before deciding on the correct herb. These experiments also helped them decide on the quantity of each herb in medicine. The AYUSH system in India contains around 8000 herbal remedies codified. There are many more herbs not mentioned in any document. Most of the knowledge transfer happened through word of mouth earlier. Hence all the herbal remedies now have passed through many generations of trial.


3) Herbal products have minimal or no side effects:

The primary reason for the popularity of herbal products is because of its almost zero side effects. Modern pharmaceutical medicine causes at least one side effect on consumption. It might be as simple as dizziness to sometimes very severe effects. Every time we take it, we will have to check for any reaction. The usage of herbal products does not cause any adverse reactions in most people. Even if it does, that might be because of combining two herbs or products that should not mix.  Hence it is better to consult a herbal specialist before buying them. If used in the right proportion, herbal products do not cause any serious side effects. Since all the ingredients used would be available from nature, it is very safe to use in all aspects.


4) They help in improving the environment:

Herbal products are products derived from plants. Earlier, these products were being prepared using the plants in the forest. But as they became famous, the need for more raw materials increased. Nowadays, people are cultivating most of the herbs, and spices needed in their land. This has helped improve the surrounding environment. Many of these herbs help in cleaning the air in the atmosphere, supporting life around it. Also, these products come from nature and do not cause any pollution if given back to it. They improve the biodiversity of the ecosystem. Unlike pharmaceutical medicines, herbs improve oxygen content in the atmosphere. They also help remove allergy causing germs from the atmosphere.


5) Herbal products are easy to use and accessible to all:

We can grow most of these herbs in our backyard and hence easily accessible. We all have used herbs like tulsi, neem, turmeric, and ginger for medicinal use. They act as common home remedies in all our houses. That we use them as home remedies shows us how easy it is to get them. You would have many of these herbs stored in your kitchen cabinet too. If not, plant a few herbs like tulsi, mint, and turmeric in your backyard garden or in flower pots. They grow well, even if you show them little care. You can use fresh herbs as and when the need arises.

There are different forms of consuming herbal products. The most common are in the form of powder, capsules, syrup, essential oils and sometimes as a whole dried herb. You can drink them as tea or decoction or swallow them as tablets or capsules. These tablets contain dried herbs in powdered format. Herbal tea has become a very popular alternative to coffee and tea nowadays. Since they were easy to use, they became a favourite of naturalists in a brief time.

Along with the above points, each person would have his own reason to try herbals. Many people like me would have used it out of curiosity. But later continued after seeing the changes it caused. The first product I tried was a herbal tea called “Vitalitea”. It is a herbal decoction prepared with 8 ingredients. The reason I started drinking this herbal decoction was to avoid caffeine for a few days. Later I did not feel like going back to having coffee or tea and I loved this herbal product. It caused many visible changes in my body. I felt more relaxed and stronger after drinking it twice daily. I would like to suggest everyone try at least one herbal product for some time. The amazing benefits they provide will surprise you for sure. Let us know later how herbal products changed your life for the better.