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Our Indian tradition of healing is considered as the oldest science. Ayurveda means science of life and it provides ways to help us keep fit and healthy. Ayurveda encourages prevention and maintenance of good health by following a disciplined approach. The three functional principles identified by Ayurveda that are present in everyone are Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Vata is the energy of movement, Pitta is the energy of digestion or metabolism and Kapha is the energy of lubrication. The cause of any disease according to Ayurveda is the excess or deficiency of the three energies mentioned above. To maintain a healthy life one should have a balanced composition of Vata, Pitta and Kapha.

Small changes in our lifestyle can have a positive effect in our overall health.

Herbs have been an integral part of our culture for ages. Certain herbs have powerful medicinal properties that can keep away many diseases.

For our well-being, we must incorporate medicinal herbs in our daily food as much as possible. It may be difficult to source different herbs and consume them, so better to find a way where you can combine multiple herbs into one and consume it for better health.

I was approached to test this beverage Vitalitea. I personally consumed it for 3 months and found it to be very beneficial. It contains 8 vital ingredients that act in unison to give a positive effect. I strongly recommend adding this healthy beverage in your daily routine. Since it is made of natural herbs, it does not have any side effects and can be consumed by everyone. We all Indians are used to drinking tea many times in a day, why not replace 2 cups of tea with this healthy beverage and make yourself fitter and healthier.

Dr. Vishwas Kulkarni

MS(AYU), Founder and Consultant
Soukhyam Ayurveda, Hubballi

Ingredients & Benefits

Discover the Power of Herbs

It purifies the blood, reduces swelling, cleans the bladder, fights gastric issues and improves digestion.
It helps in protecting the body cells and decreases stress.

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