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What is Vitalitea?

Vitalitea is immunity booster Herbal Tea with a blend of 8 Powerful Herbal Ingredients and useful in detoxifying our body.

How Vitalitea Help Me?

As a immunity booster helps in protecting the body cells and decreases stress.

Vitalitea is a product from the house of Hebsur Herbals. Hebsur Herbals was founded in 1887 by Shri Ishwarappa Hebsur, who was a Vaidya (ancient physician)  by profession. It was the passion and vision of Shri Ishwarappa to encourage people towards a healthy lifestyle in sync with mother nature. He used his knowledge and use of Ayurveda in treating people from various illness.

The vision was then taken over by his children Shri. Narayanappa Hebsur and Shri. Gopallappa Hebsur who continued to serve the society with the same zeal and passion. This rich knowledge and experience have been passed over generations in Hebsur Family.

Shri. Basavaraj Hebsur the present Chairman of Hebsur Herbals grew up in an environment where herbs and Ayurveda been followed as a tradition. He inspired the fourth generation to take this tradition to the next level, which saw the start of products like Vitalitea that helps in the wellbeing of people.

Modern life is fast-paced and in keeping up with this pace we forget an important aspect of our lives i.e. HEALTH. Our present lifestyle needs more powerful and healthy supplements to keep us energetic for long hours in a day. Added to this our food style has changed drastically and does not provide all the nutrients required for a healthy body and mind. With this background, the Hebsur Herbals team started researching a solution to provide vital nutrients that will boost the overall health of people.  After blending the herbal experience of 132 years and nearly 24 months of efforts, a formula was found. But the challenge was to make it easily consumed and also enjoy it. This is when we came up with an idea to make it as a beverage to be enjoyed every morning and evening. Vitalitea was thus born to promote the wellbeing of everyone who consumes it daily.

Ingredients & Benefits

Discover the Power of Herbs

It purifies the blood, reduces swelling, cleans the bladder, fights gastric issues and improves digestion.
It helps in protecting the body cells and decreases stress.

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