Herbal Tea vs Green Tea. Which one is more beneficial?

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Herbal Tea vs Green Tea. Which one is more beneficial?

It is much of a hassle to select the right tea, given a myriad of options out in the market. There are a lot of expert opinions, some of which favor green tea, and some favor herbal tea. It is natural to get confused while choosing the most beneficial of all the teas.

It is of tremendous importance to value our health over any other aspect of our lives. So when it comes to tea, a beverage we drink daily, it is empirical we choose the tea that will have the most positive effect on our lives.

Do not worry. And, do not be overwhelmed by the confusion, we will clear it up.

Here is a walkthrough to help you decide which way to go, which tea to choose. Let’s have a look into:

Herbal Tea or Green Tea?

This is a common question that arises when we talk about a drink for its health benefits. So, before we jump into which herbal tea we need to go for, let’s address the other player commonly mistaken as a herbal tea – green tea.

What differs Herbal tea from Green Tea?

Green tea, for all its benefits, is often misunderstood to be a type of herbal tea. So, is green tea really a type of herbal tea? The answer is simple, it’s a NO.

  • The basic difference.

Green tea is obtained from Camellia sinensis commonly called as the tea plant, the same plant from which black tea is obtained. What differs green tea from the black tea is absence of fermentation in the processing of green tea. However, herbal tea is not a derivative of the tea plant, but is directly taken from herbs and spices.

  • The manufacturing method.

Green tea is steamed/roasted, cooled and dried a couple of times with the maximum temperatures reaching at 120°C during its processing. After all of this we drink it by the normal method of mixing the tea with hot water. Whereas, herbal tea is actually just a herbal infusion. The ingredients are roots, leaves, petals, bark, stem, etc. The only processing herbal tea goes through is the mixing up of various ingredients to combine the benefits. (There maybe some safe to consume additives based on the suppliers).

  • Benefits and side effects.

The absence of caffeine in herbal tea gives it an edge over green tea. Herbal tea provides most of the benefits of caffeine like:

  • fat loss
  • improving brain function
  • boosting memory
  • lower risk of heart disease
  • lower risk of cancer, etc.

Herbal tea provides all these benefits without any side effects, depending on which ingredient of herbal tea you choose.

There are many benefits of green tea that cannot be overlooked but its side-effects are often ignored. They range from caffeine overdose to dehydration and more. As for the side-effects of herbal tea; they are not many and also a few that do exist lack hard evidence.

  • Tea and pregnancy.

It is unsafe to consume caffeine during pregnancy. This is best time for a woman to switch to herbal tea as most of the herbal teas are considered safe to drink during pregnancy. Caffeinated drinks reduce the nutrient absorption and deplete the adrenal gland. Whereas, herbal tea keeps the body hydrated and provides antioxidants. Some herbal teas help in reducing morning sickness and prepare the uterus for labour. (For further reading on tea and pregnancy click here.)

  • The taste.

Along with these benefits, there is also a feel-good benefit that herbal teas have over green tea: the taste. Personally, the taste of green tea is very off-putting. It is bitter. Herbals teas on the other hand provide us a range of flavors depending on the ingredient we choose.

Nobody likes to drink green tea for its taste; it is only for the health benefits that it provides. If we were given an option that would provide the benefits of green tea with a slightly better taste, won’t we all go for it?

How to choose the best of all the Herbal Teas?

Now that we have chosen herbal tea as our companion, let’s work our brains out to get the best herbal tea that the market has to offer. There are myriad of herbal teas out there to choose from.

The herbs will always retain their benefits i.e. if two suppliers decide to sell ginger tea, the ginger in them will provide the same benefits in both (depending on the quantity and quality used).

How do we choose the one worth our money?

The answer is the ingredients. The benefits of each ingredient are the factors we need to dive into, to get the best herbal tea that suits our needs. Although, if two makers provide the same ingredients, which most of them do, it becomes a hard choice. The only way forward may be to try them out and decide for yourself.

Most of the suppliers tailor their teas using a specific herb, providing specific benefits. And only some combine a few herbs.

If we go for ginger tea we will surely benefit from its anti-inflammatory properties but may lose out the benefits like the cleansing of the urinary tract and increase of sperm production or ovulation that Gokshura and Vidanga provide. Or, we may have to find a product that is a combination of all three.

This causes a major inconvenience.

Does Vitalitea have an edge over others? let see…

  • Ingredients of Vitalitea.

To ease your burden, Hebsur Herbals have come up with their own herbal tea; Vitalitea. It is tailored to cover the benefits of 8 powerful herbs –

  1. Ashwagandha
  2. Anantmool
  3. Gokshura
  4. Licorice
  5. Vidanga
  6. Ginger
  7. Pepper
  8. Cumin.

Every herb individually has a great medicinal value. And, every herb is carefully selected factoring in their benefits so as to get a combination of most of the benefits.

  • The benefits.

Now imagine a blend of these 8 powerful herbs, imagine a blend of all the benefits. All these herbs provide various benefits with the likes of

  • decrease in blood sugar levels and cholesterol
  • reduction in stress and anxiety
  • improvement in memory power
  • increase of sperm production, ovulation and fertility
  • assisting indigestion
  • curing of skin infection and nourishment of hair
  • better metabolism
  • reduction in gas and bloating and many more.

Unlike some herbal teas, Vitalitea has no added preservatives, no artificial flavor or coloring and is 100% made from herbs and spices. It is also a genuine Swadeshi product which is a result of 132 years of experience, extracted from the rich Indian tradition.

  • Vitalitea for everyone.

Vitalitea is proven to be safe for everyone to drink. Be it kids, adults, or old people. It has no added sugar so it is safe for diabetic patients too. The ingredient Licorice is a natural sweetener that makes Vitalitea taste better than the rest without adding up to your sugar levels.

Vitalitea is marked as safe for pregnant women.

  • A plus.

Further, the herbal tea options that provide teas with a single ingredient or a combination of a few can be substituted by homegrown herbs such as ginger and peppermint. But, cultivating the likes of Ashwagandha, Anantamool, and Gokshura in our backyard can be tricky. Also, some of these herbs are difficult to find in all places. You can find them only in specific parts of the world. So, having Vitalitea does have an edge over the other herbal teas in the market.


Seldom have we gone for an option that covers only a few benefits when an option covering more is available. It is also time-consuming to buy various herbal teas, make and drink them, not to forget the wallet may feel a bit lighter too.

The effort to combine these 8 powerful herbs has been put in so that we get a one-stop solution rather than wandering about to find the perfect solution for herbal tea.

Weighing in all its ingredients and their benefits, Vitalitea is a great choice among herbal teas.

P.S. We all have the habit of drinking a cup of tea in the morning. The loyalty of people towards green tea is solely based on its health benefits. It’s good to have a healthy drink early morning, but deep down we all wish it tasted better. Vitalitea is our wish come true. It surely will not substitute the taste of our regular chai, but it can definitely replace green tea for its taste as well as health benefits.

Let’s make it a habit to cheers with a Vitalitea.

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