Vitalitea – Vedic Herbal Tea that Boosts your Health

Vitalitea Herbal Tea that boosts immune system
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On my way to the office today, I avoided the normal method of going inside using the lift. Instead, I opted to go through the stairs. Halfway through I almost fainted and panting for breath. Mind you, my office is on the 10th floor. And this was not the first time I was experiencing this. These days, my stamina level has dropped, and I was feeling very weak. A trip to the doctor revealed there were no major illnesses, apart from feeling tired. For the next few days, I tried eating all those iron, calcium, and vitamin tablets referred by the doctor. They helped for sure, but the effect was not consistent. That was when I adopted a healthy lifestyle and improve my health. I wanted to become strong and develop a good immune system. The first step in this process was to cut off caffeine intake. As caffeine is one catalyst for many of our current health issues.

As Indians, we all love coffee or tea very much. Our day does not start without a sip of either tea or coffee. Most people experience a headache or a feeling of uneasiness if they do not take their daily dose of tea. But these days, almost everyone suffers from one or the other illness. The pollution, terrible food habits and lifestyle changes are the major culprits in this. So, people have looked for an alternative for the normal tea or coffee. That was when everybody started using herbal tea and understood their enormous benefits.

I too joined this race and thought of trying out herbal tea to overcome my issues. I started studying about them and found many interesting things. In my opinion, herbal tea is not tea, since it does not have any caffeine content (maybe some have!). Usually, herbal tea comprises leaves, fruit, flower, root, and bark of a herb dipped in hot water. It suits better to call it a decoction or ’tisane’ as Europeans refer to it. In Ayurveda, it is generally referred to as ‘Kashaya’ or ‘Kwath’ or ‘Kashayam’. This is a formulation prepared by boiling herbs in water. The herbs are usually dried and stored to use for a long time. There are many such herbal tea extracts available that can help boost your health. Finding that one product beneficial for you requires some time and effort. After some research, I found a herbal tea that suits all my needs. The name of the tea was ‘Vitalitea’ and after using it for some time I experienced many changes in myself.

What is Vitalitea, and why should I use it?

Vitalitea is a herbal extract with amazing health benefits. This is a beverage that can replace our daily cup of tea or coffee. It is useful in detoxifying our body and reducing stress. It is a great blood purifier and helps keep the urinary system clean. Protecting the body cells, reducing gastritis, improving digestion are few other benefits.

The world right now is not the best place for a human being to live. Because of human greed, the environment is becoming worse every day. Finding a bottle of clean water, pure air, and unadulterated, healthy food has become a dream. Along with this hatred, selfishness and greed amongst people have increased. Most of the population craves to have a healthy body along with a peaceful mind. Herbal extracts have been helping men to achieve this healthy mind and body for ages. Vitalitea is also one such product that can be very beneficial to improve our lifestyle. It has all the components needed to achieve the same. With zero side effects, it is one of the best herbal beverages out there with high benefits. It has ingredients grown in an organic and natural method. The herbs and spices used are grown away from the usual splash of chemical pesticides and manure. That makes it closer to humans. There are a lot of reasons for which I can point out to use Vitalitea. It has the best proportion of the famous herbs and spices blended well.

What does Vitalitea contain?

Vitalitea is available in the form of a powder and contains 8 herbal ingredients. We already know how one herb can change our health for the better. Every herb has so many medicinal values and consuming them can do miracles to our body. If one herb can bring in so many changes, imagine what 8 different herbs can do. A combination of herbs with the right proportion can boost your health and do wonders for your body.

Vitalitea has had different herbal ingredients that blend well with each other.

1) Ashwagandha: The scientific name of Ashwagandha is ‘Withania Somnifera’. This is a kind of ‘Adaptogen’ and can use the root of the herb as a medicine. It boosts our nervous system and helps fight against stress and anxiety. Useful in improving our memory.

2) Anantamool: Also called as Indian Sarsaparilla, Anantamool is a great detoxifying agent. It acts on all the three doshas in our body and cleanses our body inside and out. It helps improve our skin, and hence used in many skincare products too.

3) Gokshura: Gokshura or Tribulus Terrestris has strong diuretic properties. It can be a great cleanser for our urinary system. It is a great vitalizer and can improve strength, energy, and build toned muscles.

4) Licorice: Used as a sweetener, this herb can be your savior for gastrointestinal issues. Stomach ulcers, heartburn, gastritis, food poisoning, stomach ache are a few examples.

5) Vidanga: The scientific name of Vidanga is Embelia Ribes. It has antibacterial properties and hence helps in blood purification. Also used as a contraceptive agent because of its anti-fertility property.

6) Ginger: Also called Shunti, this root has strong anti-inflammatory properties. Are you thinking ‘Oh well, I know about ginger!’? That’s right, this is one of the most popular herbs out there for its medicinal value and as a taste enhancer. It is a must-have herb useful for treating nausea, especially in pregnant women.

7) Pepper: Pepper is again a famous spice used in our daily lives. The scientific world refers to it as ‘piper nigrum’. Apart from enhancing the taste of the dish, this spice has many healthy nutrients. It is high in antioxidants and reduces the damage by free radicals in our bodies.

8) Cumin: Indians love cumin or jeera, so it’s present in almost all our dishes. It helps improve digestion and has a cooling property. It is one of the best homemade medicines out there to treat gas, bloating, and stomach pain.

Confused with the lengthy explanation about the ingredients used? Well, I have one more article for you if you want to know each ingredient. You can read it here.


How should I use Vitalitea?

Vitalitea comes in powder format, but you must make a beverage from it to consume it. It is a blend of different kinds of herbs and spices, cleaned, dried, and powdered to store for a long time. It is a great alternative to the usual tea or coffee we drink in the morning. You must drink the decoction twice a day to have the best results. Early in the morning and once in the evening is the best time to drink Vitalitea.

The method of preparing the tea or kashaya is very simple. Take a cup of water in a stainless steel pot or pan and boil it. Once the water boils, add one teaspoon of Vitalitea powder to it. Continue to boil it for another two to three minutes. You can add a bit of jaggery or honey if you want the tea to taste sweet. You can pour the contents into a cup and drink it either hot or after cooling for some time. Try it and let me know about the taste.

Herbs and spices are a great boon to mankind. With no or minor side effects, it helps us escape from the effects of urbanization. It teaches us to coexist with nature. It makes us realize and think about everyone before we use the resources available.  Vitalitea is also one such herbal extract made with substances close to nature. Most of the ingredients used in this product were medicine for ages by our ancestors. But now, it is difficult for everyone to get all the herbs mentioned above on their own. Vitalitea makes this task easier by preparing a mixture of all these ingredients. It has the right proportion of each ingredient, making the final product more useful. Regular use of this herbal extract will create many visible changes in your body. And since it is easy to use, I recommend everyone to try Vitalitea and understand its health benefits. Let us know how it helped in improving your health.

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It purifies the blood, reduces swelling, cleans the bladder, fights gastric issues and improves digestion.
It helps in protecting the body cells and decreases stress.

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