Top 6 tips on using the right Herbal Product

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Do you always face some side effects every time you take a pharmaceutical medicine? Will you be in a dilemma about deciding if you should take that tablet on the shelf for a common cold? Is it possible to cure these simple problems without having the fear of side effects? I am sure most of us have similar questions running in our minds every time we get sick. The answer is switching to using herbal medicine or herbal products. But how to choose the right herbal product?

Herbals or herbal products have been around for many years now. But recently they are becoming more popular as alternative medicine. People are trying to avoid the use of pharmaceutical medicine. I am sure you have heard a lot about herbal products and their benefits. After doing some research and receiving a few pieces of advice, you would have tried it. But the crucial question is how will you choose the right product for you? And how will you find out who is an authentic herbal product manufacturer? With so many brands and different varieties of products, I know it can be very confusing. The sole purpose of this article is to help you in making this decision.

As you know, we have been using herbs as medicine for a long time. But the way it was being consumed differed from today. It became side-lined once conventional pharmaceuticals entered the picture. But now people realize the importance of using herbs and spices in their daily lives. They are willing to explore more about alternative medicine. Herbs and herbal products are being used more and more again. But before you jump into using these products, have a look at the precautions you need to take.  It’s better to be safe than sorry.

1) Do proper research:

Before you decide on using any herbal product, it is important to determine your body type first. Though herbs do not cause any side effects, it is important to find out what herbs suit you. Not all herbs can do wonders on your body. It may vary from person to person. A herb that was very effective to one person may not work to another. One part of a plant may not be as effective to your body compared to the other parts. For example, the root of a herb may have a different reaction to your body compared to a leaf or a fruit. Also, you may be allergic to the compounds present in a few herbs. Consult a medical practitioner if you are buying these products for major illnesses. If you are already taking some medicine and then use herbs together with them, it may be risky. Experts say not to use both pharmaceutical and herbal medicine together. If the herbal product is being used for general health care, it’s fine to use both together. But not if you are planning to use it to cure a major illness. Your health is in your hands so before deciding to buy invest some time to research them.

2) Read the product information on the label:

It is mandatory for a product manufacturer to print details of the product in its label. Ingredients used information on artificial colors, preservatives are few such details. Ideally, a herbal product should not contain any artificial coloring and preservatives. But not all companies follow rules, right? The label should also contain the date of manufacture and expiry. It might also have the weight of the content and place of manufacture. These are a few mandatory details that should be present on the label all the time. Most of us have a habit of checking the product label before buying. Hence, I hope remembering this point won’t be difficult. If you don’t have the habit, it’s better you check the labels now.

3) Check the details on the herbal formula used in the product:

We all know that one herb or a spice contains so many benefits. There are many products that are being prepared using a single type of herb. But many others contain a combination of different herbs. It is always important to check the ingredients used in the product before buying them. We must know the amount of each ingredient used, and how well they blend with each other. If the product is being made from a single herb, check the compounds present in it. Checking the details to know the proportion of each ingredient used is important. If it is not present in the label, ask the product manufacturer for the details. Few ingredients when mixed with another might not go well to your body. There are cases where they have become toxic when combined with each other. Or there might be herbs unsafe for people with certain medical conditions. Few herbs don’t go well with pregnant and breastfeeding women. So, before you decide, do a thorough check on the ingredients used.

4) The way the plants are grown:

You might wonder what’s there to check about how the herbs are grown. But it’s not as simple as saying “Oh, well, Plants are grown in soil”. We need to check in the product’s label for any details about how the plant is grown and harvested. If those details are not present in the label, you can talk with the product manufacturer to provide it. I always recommend using products grown organically. Also, we should not bombard the herbs with lots of pesticides too. Chemical-free agriculture is a trend nowadays. Natural, organic, and pesticide-free plants are the best ones out there. While using medicinal plants, it is even more important. The way the herbs are being harvested and stored is something that we ignore most of the time. Good product manufacturers give importance on the right method of harvesting and storing. So, if you are planning to buy herbals, check with them on the method they follow. Check if the product is a recent preparation and the herbs inside are fresh. I mean, even if they are dry, powdered herbs, it should be fresh and stored well. Using old and spoilt herbs might pose a major risk to health.

5) Consult a professional in the field before buying:

Switching to alternative medicine has many benefits. But if it is not done right, it may cause several issues. So, it is always suggested to talk with a professional in herbals before switching. They can give you proper advice on which herbs to use and what are its effects on the body. On a side note, you can also get contacts of authentic herbal product manufacturers from them. With so many companies around, it’s tough to decide between fake and real ones. A professional can help you with this. They can also help you in deciding the dosage of the medicine and how one should store or consume it. There is a specific time at which we must consume a few herbs. An expert in the field can give you a suggestion on these details.

6) Do not get swayed by the product price:

This is one of the most common mistakes many people make. Do not buy a product because it’s sold for a lesser price than others in the same category. Check for the brand name of the product before buying them. Don’t let the attractive discounts offered on the product change your opinion.  See if they are claiming a miracle to happen if you consume their product. Most of the time the miracle won’t come true. A brand that assures realistic effects on using their products is more trustworthy. Also, check if it’s a certified product. All herbal products should have a certified seal by the respective governing body.

We are living in an era of the internet. We get so many good and bad influences from it. Choosing an authentic herbal product manufacturer is a very tiresome task. There are many fake companies that look so real, making it difficult to distinguish. It has become easy for them to target an innocent consumer for their benefits. Don’t get swayed by seeing the term ‘natural’ and ‘organic’.  Not all so-called natural products are authentic products. There are many fake players in the field trying hard to cheat people. I hope the few tips that I suggested would help you in making this task easier.

There are many herbal products that are genuine and trustworthy too. They consider all the above points in their product preparation. I recommend trying out a cup of Vitalitea which has many ingredients beneficial to your body. They follow all the safety standards in their product preparation. And committed to always provide the best to the customer. Improve your health and fitness while enjoying the delicious tea.

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